Asterisk Ultra Cell 4.0 Knee Brace Protection System

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Introducing a new hybrid classic!
Ultra-Cell 3.0 utilizing the patella Cup from The Carbon Cell Creating the Ultra-Cell 4.0
With pants getting smaller in the knee area and being elastic plus the huge success of the Carbon Cell, we have used our collapsing Patented 3-piece patella to accommodate the
low profile when you knee is bent. This also allows the parts to be changed in the field and will continue to have the Ultra-Cell 3.0 Strap Positioning Liners (SPL).
This brace will continue to offer the Patented “Anti-rotation Tether” to secure the best protection of any brace.


  • A.C.M. FRAME
  • Anatomically correct design
  • Carbon fiber urethane matrix
  • Rigid & lightweight, impact distributing structure
  • Tracks the natural “rolling-gliding” motion of the knee joint
  • Asymmetrical design allows each hinge to set properly
  • Allows for automatic tibia alignment of lower frame
  • Adjustable ext. regulator from 0º to 30º
  • Condyle shims for fine tuning fit
  • A.R.C. CUFF
  • Adjustable Retention Control
  • Multiform rigid lateral support
  • Built in Anti-Rotation connection
  • Links the brace to the boot, making them as one
  • Transfers forces of a lower leg rotation
  • Adjustable to suit each individual
  • TELE-TRI PATELLA CUP (patented)
  • Three piece design
  • Easily removable
  • High impact Nylon 6 material
  • Full range of motion coverage of the knee cap
  • Non-corrosive metals
  • Non-corrosive composites
  • Hand washable soft materials
  • 3.0 Liners
  • Our liners are a low profile material which keeps the straps placed exactly where you want them, offering comfort and strap control.
  • UNDER SLEEVES COTTON (included with braces)
  • Cotton compression sleeves